New! Magic Matinee for all ages Saturdays in November

Only $10 for a full hour of magic and illusion! Staurdays, 2pm at Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret. Filled with sleight of hand, manipulation,  illusions and audience participation. A memorable way to spend the afternoon for the whole family. Tickets available at:

Hope to see you there!

Chad Allen’s Magic Matinee

A magical journey for  children and kids of all ages. A ride through the art of illusion.

The story of a magician learning how to create magic and enrich the hearts of people through art. This is a journey that every magician must take to find the key to expressing one’s ideas and enchanting the world around them.

The Magician is exciting and engaging to watch as he introduces fantastical aspects of magic through unusual objects he has on stage. His journey through magic and mystery brings him closer to his own understanding of the mystical arts until he puts all the pieces of the puzzle together and makes real magic happen!

The show is filled with continual magic, each effect a clue building to the answer he is looking for: how to create wonder in the world.

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