The mysteries of magic are revealed through a series of specialized classes provided by Chad Allen Magic. You or your magic enthusiast will learn about the art of misdirection and the psychology of magic with an emphasis on sleight of hand, showmanship, and fun. Students can be a part of a group or private lessons and are welcome at all ages and skill levels.

Chad Allen teaches the aspiring magician and the budding professional regularly. Magic classes can include: card magic, sponge ball magic, mentalism, coin magic, rope magic, etc.
Through these specialized classes, students will benefit by developing confidence, the ability to multi-task, create and develop ideas on their feet, speak publicly in various social settings while simultaneously entertaining. Magic can be the glue that brings other art forms together in various repertoires of the performing arts. Chad Allen Magic will bring a new and refreshing perspective to this most amazing of art forms.

Please call or e-mail Chad Allen Magic about workshops and private lessons available in the future.